Learn about the Japanese Sex Culture

Top 10 Interesting Facts about Japanese Sex Culture

According to the statistics Japan is lower in birth rate, and the people choose a single lifestyle over a romantic relationship. This may be the reason Japanese are thought to be sexually repressed. However, no matter the lack of romantic feelings, the sex industry in Japan is larger than anything and blooming every day.

Nowadays, the sex industry in Japan is the largest in the world, and the Japanese have their twists to add to their requirements. So, here, check out the 10 interesting Japanese Sex Culture facts in this content.


1. Vibrator bars

Tokyo is the home city of the entire sex industry in Japan. This is the only place that is cheaper than the other thing we are going to talk about here. In this place, you can touch the vibrators, that are displayed on the walls of the bar, and this is one of the best places where you can go for masturbating freely. The pleasure can be without or with your partner, but your single men cannot enter this bar.


2. War of orgasm

This is seen on the tv shows in the country, and they are funny. This is because in the shows gay men try to get handsy with straight men, and make them climax in each episode. It is thought that these shows are all about doing good, if you are not up to anything benevolent, you will lose your face in front of your family. Then, it doesn’t matter if it’s a sex show, all you have to care about winning or going home.


3. Sex Propaganda

The sex industry in Japan has issues with Chines sex tourists, who just want to break the rules of the clubs and with prostitutes. The wealthy businessmen from China arrive there to have some illicit ways in the sex industry, take photos, even though that is not allowed and have their fetishes fulfilled by the ladies they find in the night clubs, and other such places.


4. Super free

This is a club at Waseda University, and this was supposed to be a social gathering place, but eventually, it turned out to be a rape club. Here, rich boys from the college bring the low status or less prestigious universities. They make them do drugs, and in the procedure they gang rape those girls. This practice has been so popular that the owners of the bar take photos and videos of those girls being molested. This is to cover up their image and not to get caught by the police. The club was at first led by Shinichiro Wada.

The tickets for a huge part in here is 4000 yen for men and 3000 yen for women. After the main event, there is a second round of drinking games, and the people who join the parties are expected to come here for sex and the girls to get laid. Here drinks are spiked, and photos are taken when the girls get raped by the rich boys. Many members of this club were arrested, as more than 30 women came forward to report them.


5. Masturbating Championship

This is another hip thing in Japan, and men participate in this game. The champion is Masanobu Sato, who is an employee of a popular sex toy company in Japan. To win he had to stay aroused for a long while without getting relief. He stated that the secret is his long and vivid imagination. This game is still played in the country.


6. Sex dolls

If you want to know about sex toys, then Japan is the first one in line. They have the most advanced sex dolls in the world, and these are called, Dutch wives. These things are made of high-quality silicone, and this gives them a lifelike feature. If one is not interested to have a human partner in sex, they can go for these sex dolls. The main areas of these human-like figures are their eyes and skin, in which they put more importance. This is to make the doll very similar to human, also they are part of the high-technology industry of Japan. The companies try to make the sex dolls as realistic as it’s possible.


7. Sex toys

Like dolls, sex toys in Japan are one of the most popular ones, as they vary in ranges and in the process too. People who have extensive imagination can get different types of sex toys from an online or offline store from anywhere in the world. There is some well-known sex toy making companies and their sole purpose is to help people in foreplay and massages.


8. Naked Continent

This is a series that is produced by the porn documentary producers of Natural high. They are a pornography site, and they shoot their scenes in different places ion the world. The locations can be Amazon, Papua New Guinea, and other parts of Africa, where it’s shown that the natives of that place are engaging in a sexual relationship with Japanese pornstars. These series got too many criticisms because of the exploitation of the poor people, and there is no protection against HIV for the casts.


9. Enjo Kosai

This means compensated dating, and it involves young women like schoolgirls, who gets to date older men. This thing is for the exchange of money, and it first started in the 1980s. Many girls go for this thing just to make employment, and the schoolgirls are contacted by telephone clubs, as the rich men pay their phone bills. After that with the help of the internet, middle-aged people in Japan get the rates of those willing girls, and their phone numbers. They can chat with them, and negotiate their terms.


10. Fetish clubs

Other than vibrator clubs there are fetish clubs. If you have some kinks, and you want to fulfill that, then, you can head for a fetish club in Japan. Here plenty of such things are done, and the crazier the better. Starting from bondage to eat sushi over someone’s body, inserting eels, and dental exams and so many other things are done here.

So, now you know some popular Japanese Sex Culture, and not all of them are extreme or taboo in the 21st century. Also, Japan is not restrictive against gender norms, they are fluid in their sexuality.