Spice Up Sex Life

Looking to Spice Up Your Sex Life? Here are 10 Kinky Ways For Couples

The word “kinky” can conjure up unpleasant images of the awful dialogue in Fifty Shades of Grey or the Gimp in Pulp Fiction. You may wonder, is it worth the trouble? After all, any kind of sex is good sex, at the starting of a relationship when your intimacy with your partner is a fresh one.

As the years go by, on the other hand, it is pretty common for couples to discover that their sex lives have become unimaginative and dull because of daily lifestyle and smugness. That’s when the feeling of adding some kink to your sexual life comes in.

Thankfully, there are a lot of kinky ways to spice up your sex life. To help you fight boredom and keep your sex life hot, here is a list of 10 kinky sex ideas that you should try with your partner.


Here Are 10 Kinky Ways to Spice Up Your Sex Life With Your Partner

Sexy things to do in bed


Never Stop Surprising Your Partner

Yes, it is understandable that you love your partner to the core of your heart. And, the last thing you would want to know is finding out that they were having an affair. But, sometimes pretending can create the right kind of mixture comprising of lust and jealousy.

Such action often results in ending up with kinky sex ideas that blow your partner’s mind. One such suggestion would be to flirt with another person in the presence of your partner. Drag on somebody else while you are at a club or a party.

After that, when you reach home and see your partner steaming with jealousy, it’s time to surprise them. While they are fuming with anger. Walk up to them without clothes in an erotic way. Have an aggressive over the top sex with them. Such an experience is beyond words.


Get Your Body In The Water

It may be hard to think about having sex in water. But, when lust strikes, delving into a sensual sexual experience in the water is the next big thing. That’s because the thing is completely possible and you would be having a memorable love-making experience of your life.

If you do have a pool in your house, invite your partner to the poolside and insist on a swim. Surprise them by making it a skinny dipping experience. When you feel that they are interested in the concept and joins you, kiss, hug, and fondle them in the water.

When you feel the time is right, move forward and seal the deal! If you aren’t fortunate enough to have a pool, don’t get disheartened. Hop in your shower or tub with your partner, and get it all over there. Such an experience lasts for a long time.


Explore and Experiment With New Areas

You should treat sex as something that must be discovered rather than thinking about it as a destination. Exploring new regions and areas in your partner helps to find an optimum sensation that may stretch from ears, neck, spine, and anal.

You may be surprised to know that trying anal is regarded as one of the most traditional kinky sex ideas you can have with your partner. Anal sex is a true classic and it has been loved by couples across the world. It has the ability to add new sensations to your sexual life and make your typical sex routine appear stale.

If you are new to anal but want to experience the thing, you may need to know a few things about this act so as to make sure that injuries don’t occur.


Try Bringing In A Stranger

There are very few couples that love three-ways or threesome. But, the same thing can scare other couples away. The main obstacle is that couples or partners are sometimes worried about dispensing their loved person with somebody else.

Here’s the drill, remember the jealousy thing that was discussed in the first tip, and how it adds another array of lust to your sexual relationship? Now, when you are involved in a three-way, the overall experience becomes quite similar.

Discuss with your partner how they feel about adding someone into the mix. The person could be a stranger, or a known one if that makes both of you comfortable.


Mix Food and Sex

Other than having satisfying sex, if there is something better, it would be eating. If these are both favorable to humans, why not include food and mix it to your ideas of having sex with your partner. Don’t forget that mixing food and sex is one of the top kinky ways to spice up your sex life.

One of the favorite and personally tried by many couples is licking off chocolate from your lover’s naked body. Such an ecstasy would give rise to aggressive sex and both you and your partner can have the best moment in your life.

Yet, for some couples, this act may be a boring thing with chocolate. There are no standard rules when it is about mixing food and sex. Hence, choose whatever dishes turn you on and encourages you to get creative!


Introduce Sex Dolls To Your Bedroom

Bringing sex toys in between your relationship could be daunting. Some partners worry that introducing these sex dolls may go otherwise instead of building more intimacy among them. One such notion is that their partners may get fond of those dolls, and may not engage in real-life sexual activities.

But in reality, the exact opposite thing happens. When couples allow sex dolls in their bedroom, they are able to experience sexual encounters in a more vivid way. In fact, these products give you and your partner a great buzz.

Sex dolls are considered as one of the best ways to experiment with your partner’s sexuality and helps you to discover different kinds of sensations when used properly. Sex dolls are created for providing mutual pleasure. Read more about them here.


Watch Porn Together

Porn is such a thing that you shouldn’t keep for yourself. Try to find out something that both of you like to see. When couples watch porn together and with the same intensity, they set in the mood for having a fantastic and memorable sexual encounter they wished for.

The visuals that appear on the screen allows them to experiment with newer positions that they might like to try. And, this spices up their sex life. If porn isn’t your desired thing, you can play some sort of sexy game with your partner using erotic literature!

The best way is to find an erotic novel or story, and take turns to read out to each other. As such, both partners can have the same aroused feeling. It won’t get long to keep your hands to yourself and engage in some aggressive love-making experience.


Role-play Outside The Bedroom

When you are nervous about changing your bedroom behaviors, you can try roleplaying. This thing allows you to take on a new persona. This way, it gives you a great amount of extra confidence. Suppose, if you have fantasized about hunky fireman or sexy nurses, or simply enjoys amateur dynamics, roleplaying can be for you.

Roleplaying is the best way to act out of sexual fantasies. It is a great way to shake things, especially in long term relationships when you are having sexual intercourse with the same person for a prolonged time.

Roleplay doesn’t have to remain inside the limitations of your bedroom. Both of you can dress up, go outside, and arrange for a one-night stand. During that time, act like strangers and flirt in your own way. This will re-ignite the spark in your relationship.



Fifty Shades fever may show no symptoms of slowing down. When you feel your bedroom habits are turning a bit ugly and dull, you can include a bit of bondage. Couples who are feeling a little nervous can put their hands on domination and submission by altering who is in control during sex.

But, there are certain levels of BDSM to consider. And, it can refer to the aggressive power exchange that takes place between two people while having sex. If you have been the submissive one in the bedroom, perhaps it is time to reverse your role and become a dominator.

If you haven’t enjoyed your pleasure sessions with domination and submission yet, it is worthy to mix up some things a bit and add spice in your sex life.



Once a while, maybe a few times in a year, pick Saturday or Sunday where both you and your partner stay naked the entire day. Roam around the house all day and perform your activities as normal.

And, have sex as much as your body can allow! Also, you can try different and new things, like playing kinky games, and doing whatever you need to do to make the day interesting and memorable as possible. So, pick a day, a specific time (say, 11 am to 11 pm), and make it a day of unrestricted pleasure!


If you are looking for kinky ways to spice up your sex life, talk with your partner about the aforementioned ideas. Remember that your relationship is more valuable than having intense sex. Give a gentle hug, a kiss, and tell how much you have enjoyed being together.