What are sex dolls

What is a Sex Doll? Starter Guide To Get You Up To Date

If you are planning to have a sex doll for yourself then it is important for you to know what is a sex doll and how will it work. Have you ever seen people using sex dolls to have sex? It definitely has it’s benefits.

Have you ever been curious about how sex dolls are made? Are there different types of sex dolls? Do you know about the invention of these sex dolls used for sexual activities? If you want to get answers to all these questions you will have to go through this guide until the end.

Actually, a sex doll is not just a sex toy that is used once only. They are amongst the best pieces of art with all the details. The sex dolls made from the materials of the highest quality to give you fun in your home for several hours.

We have posted the answers to some of your questions in this guide.


So What is a Sex Doll?

Beautiful sex dollA sex doll looks like a real life male or female human that you are able to use as a sex partner or companion. The body of these sex dolls is corrected automatically. Male and female sensual dolls are perfectly crafted from their toes to eyes so that they give a feel and look like the actual beings.

The best feature of these sex dolls is that they can be modified according to your liking. You can find dolls for sex as per your preferences if you want a full-size sexual partner in your bed or a smaller one.

The whole body of most of the sex dolls includes every body part including head, face, legs, and pelvis. But if you are satisfied with a sex doll with an incomplete body even then you can get one. Whatever be the type of your sex doll it will have anatomical parts of the female human body including the anus, vagina, mouth, and penis, etc. so that these sex dolls can be used for sexual purposes. Some of their parts can vibrate, removable, or exchangeable in some cases.

Here, it is important to know that sex robots and sex dolls are quite different. The features of sex robots may include more technology and animatronics. When it comes to knowing about the inventor of sex dolls, it can be said that as per records, the sex dolls made of fabric cloth were used by the sailors in the 1700s for having sex during the long trips.


How Sex Dolls Are Made?

Now when you know about sensuous sex dolls then you most know about the methods of making them.

The process of making a sex doll is very easy.

  1. Certain powder and chemicals are mixed and the mixture is transferred into a sex doll shaped mold. Then various pieces of body parts like hands, trunk, face, and feet are then assembled by the manufacturer to make a complete sex doll.


  1. The fame of the sex doll is made by hand. Usually, steel joints and PVC pipes are used for this purpose but the metal of lightweight can also be used in some cases. Every part of the frame is made moveable and flexible so that you can change the position of the sex doll as per your requirements.


  1. The mold is removed from the sex doll after cooling the liquid mixture poured into it. Then, the process of finishing the sex doll manually starts.


  1. After removing the sex doll completely from the mold it must be cleaned thoroughly. The manufacturers usually like to produce sex dolls with a smooth and shiny finish so that you can have a sex doll with a glossy finish.


  1. In order to ensure the removal of all the uneven birders the sex doll is thoroughly inspected before washing it.


  1. While adding genitals to the sex dolls, the holes of the vagina and anus will be thoroughly inspected and cleaned to ensure to give you a unique experience.


How Do Sex Dolls Work?

Now when you know what a sex doll is and how these toys are made, it is now time to understand how sex dolls work.

The vaginas of female sensuous sex dolls are made to work fully whereas a penis is attached to the male sex dolls used as a sexual partner. Simply it can be said that these are the best sex toys in this world that can be used for masturbation. For this reason, they are made to feel and look like real beings when you use them in any position.

Basically, being fake partners in the sexual activities they can be used for the purpose of enjoyment. You can use them to practice the sexual requirements of your dreams.


What Do Sex Dolls Feel Like?

Sex dolls are made to give a real human being feeling as they are from the latest materials like silicone or TPE. To make these sex dolls real alternatives of the real individuals they are completely made realistic and soft to touch. Moreover, if you want to know how a man feels while having sex with a sex doll or want to experience the feel yourself then either you should buy one or visit porn sites to find the people using these dolls to have sex.


Are TPE and Silicone Different Materials?

Though both of these materials used in making sex dolls are of high quality for this purpose. TPE gives a more realistic feel whereas silicone is more durable.

The main qualities of both of these materials are provided hereunder.


  • It is more durable but somewhat harder than TPE
  • It is costly
  • It is easy to clean
  • It is safe for humans


  • In touch, TPE is softer than silicone
  • Gives a more realistic feel while wiggling body parts like ass, and breasts, etc
  • It makes the joints of the sex doll more flexible due to elasticity in it
  • It retains enough amount of heat
  • It is affordable
  • It is safe for human use

But you will have to care for it and clean it properly as it is less durable than silicone


How To Use Them

It is very easy to have fun with sex dolls. You can use it to have fun as you want without any worry. You can enjoy this sex toy as you enjoy a real man or woman.


How Much Do Sex Dolls Cost?

Now you may like to know the cost of sex dolls. Actually, sex dolls are classified into three categories:

Standard Sex Dolls: These sex dolls are usually made from low-cost materials so you cannot customize them as per your requirements. Their cost can be from $50-$500.

Sex Dolls of High Quality: They look more realistic as they are made of silicone or TPE of good quality. You can customize the silicone doll’s color of their eyes, hair, accessories, and hair in public regions. They are less costly than sensuous sex dolls with AI even if they can be customized. Their cost can be $300-$3,000.

Completely Sensible Sex Toys with AI: These artificial intelligence dolls are very costly. You can customize almost any of the parts of these artificial intelligence sex dolls including their body, accessories, and face. You can also request to get piercings, pubic hair, tattoos, and freckles for your love doll. They give a feel and look like the fake version of real women on this earth in real life. Its cost can be $4,000 - $20,000.


How Long Do Sex Dolls Last And Are They Durable?

While purchasing a sex doll you must also be wondering how long do sex dolls last and how durable are they?

The durability of the sex dolls depends upon the type of sex doll you buy. You may not be able to use your sex doll for more than a couple of times if it is very cheap. But the quality of an expensive love doll can be guaranteed for 2-10 years depending upon the care you take and use it. A love doll can wear out more quickly if it is used and moved more frequently. The owners of sex dolls can do many things to maintain them for a long time. They can repair the damages occurring on their silicone dolls very easily.


Are Sex Dolls Good For Human Desire?

While using a sex doll you should also consider its effects on your psychology. They can worsen your problems and make things worse or they can be great and be good for you and your society, depending upon how you think in this respect. These issues cannot be answered clearly due to their complexity but you will have to answer them in the future as the quality of sex dolls will be improved and can raise questions about consent, legitimacy, and morality to use them.

You can get a lot of information about these sex dolls which cannot be included in the guide unless you are writing a book. You can search for other articles to find detailed information on any of the questions discussed in this guide, if you want, or you can buy a sex doll by visiting a store and start using it.

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